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The topics I cover involve many aspects of life, education, and personal advice. My many interests and background in business and science, in addition to my Masters Degree, have lead me to write articles to satisfy your curiosity on the topics listed below.

A Little About Me

People say I have a knack for explaining things in an easy-to-understand manner. I received Level-3 Certification from the Yahoo Writer's Academy in 2013 and the Lifetime Achievement Award from HubPages in 2015.

I'm retired from a professional business career managing systems development in two major corporations and over 35 years managing my own business.

My interests include creative thinking, problem solving, product innovation, scientific endeavors and human nature.

Writing has always been my passion with a mission to share my knowledge and experience to help and enlighten anyone looking for answers. Please note that reader comments will not appear until I read them.

How To Contact Me

Feel free to leave a comment at the end of any of my articles. Guest posts are welcome. I always reply, usually within 24 hours, so be sure to go back to see my answer if you had a question or left any thoughts.

My Book on Relationships in Paperback and Kindle

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In my book, What Was I Thinking? A Review Of Relationships, I discuss how commitment issues cause us to stay with the wrong person, as well as making the mistake of letting the right one get away.

I give personal examples that were useful lessons for me as I look back on them now. I hope that these lessons will offer inspiration for anyone who wants to settle down and get past commitment issues.

We sometimes don't appreciate when we have a wonderful person in our lives. My book alerts the reader to that fact.

To be sure I wrote something of value, a psychologist who helped me correct a few points reviewed my entire manuscript. He is mentioned in the acknowledgements in my book.

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