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My Book on Relationships

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My third paperback book was appropriately titled "What Was I Thinking? A Review Of Relationships". I discuss how commitment issues cause us to stay with the wrong person, as well as making the mistake of letting the right one get away.

I give personal examples that were useful lessons for me as I look back on them now. These lessons are meant to give inspiration to anyone who wants to settle down and get past commitment issues.

To be sure I wrote something of value, a psychologist reviewed my entire manuscript and helped me correct a few points. He is mentioned in the acknowledgements in my book.

I learned about an important difference between printed books and online publishing of articles. Online can be updated, but books in print are static and if a mistake is made, it's permanent.

My mistake with this book is that the caption I used on the front cover is misleading. It was brought to my attention only too late that the wording makes it seem like the book is about settling down without marriage.

Quite the contrary! Note the difference:

One the cover: "For those who want to settle down but never commit to marriage."
What I meant: "For those who want to settle down and get past commitment issues."

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An Illustrated Book of Doodles

Unconscious Doodles

An Illustrated Book of Doodles

I also published a book about my doodles (an old pastime of mine). This was my first attempt at book publishing back in 2005. "Unconscious Doodles", was an illustrated book with a goal to show what can happen when one lets creativity come from the unconscious mind.

A few poems of mine were included, offering some insight about life, while some whimsical stories show how one can create something interesting just by letting the mind flow free.

A User Guide for my Phone System

VoicePro Book Cover

A User Guide for my Phone System

I'm now retired, but for over 30 years I had my own business. I developed a business phone system and I applied my knowledge of publishing in order to create a user guide for my customers.


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